I had the opportunity to work with sound ingineer Hervé Déjardin, Radio France's innovation referent. He's been developping a concept of "blind" concerts with a dispositive of 360° spatial sound. He wanted to open the concept to the image dimension, and prototype it.

We were a team of 2 designers, and 2 developpers. We created generative visuals responsive to sound, and moving in space with the sound data delivered by Hervé. We based our art direction on Molécule's universe, a musician working with
real life sound material. Molécule travels a lot, capturing raw sound material in places where nature is queen, and then reworking the samples to create tracks.
What i did
Art direction
Molécule working.
It was important for us to question the visual representation of his process, nature (the tumult of the storm, a lull...) in order to sublimate his music without distorting it during his lives 🎹 🎛️.
Proof of concept below

Keep discovering ;)

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