Glimpact created a tool which rigorously defines and assess the environmental footprint. It covers 16 impact categories based on a scientific method adopted by the European Union (PEF). It gives a complete vision of the environmental impact of products but also of services and organizations.

It was important for the client to communicate on the simplicity and efficiency of their product as well as on their environment closeness. I wanted to transcribe these intentions in the art direction: Use of the icosahedron, a geometric shape found in nature, monochromatic and low poly 3D assets for the notion of unrefined. But also a fluid and playful user experience with a  combination of bright and contrasting colors, and interactions (text animations, parallax, 3D animations linked to scrolling, etc.)
What i did
Digital AD
3D (modeling, shading, animation...)
Interaction design
Animated prototype

Keep discovering ;)

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